1. Oleg Stepko posted pictures of him doing a 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle on Instagram


  2. Sanne Wevers // podium training

    My girl!

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  3. i-dont-understand-gymnastics:

    Ragan’s Standing Pike Full

    This is impressive but approaching black-eye territory (and will it work if/when she grows?)

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  4. arabianpunchfront:



    Ashton’s Floor (it’s the most recent i can find) for anyone who’s curious

    oh heyyy this is the music Shawn was using in 2011! also I LOVE that clean full twist to double front

    if we could fix her injuries and give her mattie’s stage presence/performance ability, we’d have gold right here. i’m also curious if she’s gonna keep growing

    Eythora used it last year too, only a crazy version with random siren sounds (she made it work though obviously). For anyone else who got excited when they saw this though - it’s a punch front not a double front …


  5. supergymmie:

    I really hope she makes another team. People say she is mentally weak but she has basically been injured since 2011. She had surgery weeks before worlds 2011 and shortly before the Olympics in 2012 and then missed 2 years because of injury and illness and she still keeps going - If thats not tough.. I dont know what is.

    I don’t get why she’s the one who’s meant to be ‘mentally weak’ when she put together a great competition after her dodgy vault in 2012 and pulled out probably the best floor of her life? Crying doesn’t make you weak. Hopping off beam when you know you’re going to fall doesn’t make you weak. Giving up is the only thing that makes you weak, and she hasn’t done that yet.

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  6. Ekaterina Lobaznyuk, 2001 France Telecom FX EF
    This choreo is upsetting me


  7. I think we can all agree that Olga Raschoupkina has the best vault face ever to exist (see 2:30)



  9. centuriespast:

    Landscape with a Rainbow

    by Joseph Wright of Derby

    Date painted: 1794

    Oil on canvas, 83 x 106.8 cm

    Collection: Derby Museums and Art Gallery


  10. aurelia-dobre:

    Jessica Lopez is not the only gymnast who has the same music with Bailie Key. Marine Brevet does too and out of the three routines Marine’s is probably my favorite (ignore the fall)

    Marine is what Nastia could have been if she had good choreo

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