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    I guess it wasn’t an FIG-sanctioned event at the time, but Betty Okino, Dominique Dawes and Tasha Schwikert have all won the American Cup. And Elvire Teza, but I guess she doesn’t count seeing as she’s not ‘African American’…

    Correct. The American Cup wasn’t a FIG World Cup event until the mid 2000s.

    I know, I just feel like this implies that no African American gymnast had any success until 2012, which is kind of unfair to all these other fabulous athletes who paved the way for girls like Gabby, Ebee and Simone (and it completely ignores non-US gymnasts of colour …)

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  3. I guess it wasn’t an FIG-sanctioned event at the time, but Betty Okino, Dominique Dawes and Tasha Schwikert have all won the American Cup. And Elvire Teza, but I guess she doesn’t count seeing as she’s not ‘African American’…

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  4. April Maslen, FX EF, British Junior Champs 2014

    I just realised April doesn’t do any back handsprings in her FX! She’s just like RO-Double Pike like it’s no biggie … what a badass. Plus no OOBs, since she lands basically in the middle of the floor. Love it!


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    I’m meant to be doing maths in this book, insted I’m making Euros team predictions for GB…

    Cos more than one person has said there should be only 5 for a Euros team:

    The initials are for the 6 girls who competed today. A / means they were top 3 on that event today. A - means they were top 4. Both is where they tied for 3rd. Four collums cos 4 apparatus. 

    Which is why I think Claudia and Kelly might be fighting it out for final place. They’re strengths are in the same place. I can’t see them not taking any of the other 4 tbh..

    Oooh OK now I get you! Do you have thoughts about the Juniors? Looks like they were a bit shaky today (and do we know why Tyesha wasn’t there?)


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    I’m a drawer


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  7. Japan beat China! Interesting … also interesting is that Japan got the win on the back of strong VT and FX performances, which isn’t what we’d expect from them. Standout performances came from Aiko Sugihara and Sae Miyakawa, the latter of which managed a fantastic 15.050 on VT and 14.450 on floor (the top score on those pieces). No video has surfaced yet but at the Japan Junior International last autumn Miyakawa started her FX with a perfect front layout-double front and finished - yes, finished - with a DLO (she scored a 14.150 there with a pretty clean routine so she may possibly have introduced some small upgrades). Neither she nor Sugihara are really AA gymnasts but more strength on FX and VT is good news for Japan.

    The team scores were very close (within 0.3 of each other) but China lacked the really outstanding scores to make up for mistakes - Japan had to count some very low scores on bars, but their monster VT rotation gave them enough cushion to hold out. They scored a 43.500 for the rotation here - for comparison, at the Olympics their senior team scored 42.882.

    The highest AA score came from Wang Yan of China who managed a 55.400. She almost certainly had a fall on beam (13.200) and possibly had mistakes on bars (13.250).


  8. Ksenia Semenova, FX, Russian Cup, 2010

    How have I never seen this before? It’s fabulous!


  9. Ballet is not anatomically correct.

    William Forsythe (via theballetblog)

    If you think about it, all other sports are in tune to evolution. They promote things like running, swimming and throwing-things that helped us escape predators long ego. But there is nothing that tells us as humans to lift our leg over our heads or turn on the tips of our toes.

    This is one of the many reasons why I think that ballet is on such a higher level than other sports- we have to go against what our body naturally strives for.

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    Um, what? Dance has an evolutionary function: displaying physical attributes to future mates. Strength, stamina and flexibility are absolutely the kind of qualities that would help you escape predators and look after your offspring, and dance allows you to show them off succinctly. Many animals and birds dance for the same reason. There might not be a specific reason for some of ballet’s movements (like standing on your toes) but then the same could be said for dressage. Or diving. Or pole vault. Or gymnastics. Or figure skating … I mean I could really go on and on here.

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    Gymnastics hair fads of the 1990’s!