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    I am far too amused that the Commonwealths vault final has Black, White, and Brown.

    And that they’re all white. Now that’s diversity!

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    with an 8.1 E score it’s obvious she was counted with a fall but yay for a not terrifying produnova!

    that still looks scary to me!

    and it looks like a fall to me haha but apparently it wasnt? how is that not a fall?

    Maybe she landed feet very slightly first?

    she did land with her feet first, but my point is her butt still touched the floor so it should’ve been a fall :)

    Oh okay sorry :) and idk maybe she just skimmed the ground or they were so impressed they didn’t want to deduct?

    haha, I’m thinking the latter! I know I was impressed! :D

    the feet landing first rule is only applicable when the judges are deciding if they will even give a score for the vault at all. If you land with anything other than feet first the athlete gets a zero. Her whole bum is on the mat this is totally a fall and a another horrifying produnova

    Tbh it wasn’t that scary - her bum brushed the mat but it definitely wasn’t a fall. In VT it’s not usually counted as a fall if your butt just touches the mat without there being any weight on it and that’s what happened here. It wasn’t an excellent vault and possibly it was a fluke, but I wasn’t scared for her at any point.

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  3. I’m pretty sure Dan K and Becky D are the only gymnasts with the power to make me burst out sobbing the second they finish a hit routine …


  4. Well fuck, I prayed so hard for Karmakar not to kill herself that she ACTUALLY LANDED IT


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    I love when gym posts get a ton of notes. So I compiled the most popular posts I could find here:

    Stefan Beletsky Springboard Fail - 670,000+

    Nastia Liukin 2006 Visa Championships Beam Save - 655,000+

    McKayla Maroney London 2012 TF…

    is it not kind of depressing that the most popular one is obviously a fake?


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    Kim Gwang Suk, UB, Asian Games 1990

    I know Kim Gwang Suk wasn’t perfect, but she was pretty fucking fabulous … those handstands are slaying me. I sincerely hope she is healthy and happy in whatever she does now.

    Is she the a-lot-underage korean girl ?

    Yup; she absolutely shouldn’t have been competing at the senior level. But there’s no denying that it’s one of the great routines


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    Maybe skip the first minute but this is AMAZING! That thing she does at 2:50 :O

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  8. Kim Gwang Suk, UB, Asian Games 1990

    I know Kim Gwang Suk wasn’t perfect, but she was pretty fucking fabulous … those handstands are slaying me. I sincerely hope she is healthy and happy in whatever she does now.


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    I could perfectly see Brenna doing this

    yeah but with better form

    Ugh i miss prods

    Brenna competed this combination in 2010 and it was absolutely fabulous


    or do like Brenna’s fronts through the years or something.

    Sae Miyagawa (the japanese junior who has a DLO last pass) does it literally perfectly. That said, criticising Prod’s form is only allowed if you mention how much freaking height she gets, how she was a total pioneer and how if she were competing in the post-10 era she would have left all those other bitches in the dust

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  10. Anonymous said: Its Olympic Day! Who are your british predictions for the next olympics?

    Yay! Honestly I’m not sure, because the British teams are getting so deep! BUT … I think All-Around the strongest women are likely to be Tyesha Mattis and/or Amy Tinkler, and that Ellie Downie will have the potential to make vault finals. Building a team around those gymnasts leaves room for girls who are strong on beam and bars, like Becky Downie, Gabby Jupp, Catherine Lyons (yes she’s strong elsewhere too, but I see her being potentially overshadowed on floor), Teal Grindle and Rebecca Tunney. Just for fun I’ll put some lineups together …

    Tyesha Mattis VT, UB, BB, FX
    Amy Tinkler VT, (UB, BB), FX
    Ellie Downie VT, FX
    Becky Downie (VT), UB, BB
    Catherine Lyons UB, BB (FX)

    There are some variables - how Ellie’s beam develops (will we see the Patterson?), whether Catherine can increase difficulty on floor without compromising her execution … injuries of course. But I’d absolutely DIE of happiness if Becky and Ellie both make the team! I think the best medal hopes would be Becky on bars and potentially Ellie on vault (I smell big upgrades in her future) and I could see us having more finalists especially on vault and floor. In the AA I think we could have a top-10 gymnast on our hands :)

    As for the men, I’m not sure. Lots of the big-name juniors will be senior by 2016, but in MAG it tends to take a bit longer for juniors to adapt to senior D-Scores and competition so I wouldn’t be surprised if we don’t see them begin to take over till after the Olympics and have a 2016 team with a lot of the same faces as 2012. I’d like to see Kristian upgrade his second vault, and Max continue to make progress on rings etc. so he can be a real AA threat. Of course we’ll blitz pommel finals, and for my own heart I’d LOVE Dan P to medal on floor.