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    I love when gym posts get a ton of notes. So I compiled the most popular posts I could find here:

    Stefan Beletsky Springboard Fail - 670,000+

    Nastia Liukin 2006 Visa Championships Beam Save - 655,000+

    McKayla Maroney London 2012 TF…

    is it not kind of depressing that the most popular one is obviously a fake?


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    Kim Gwang Suk, UB, Asian Games 1990

    I know Kim Gwang Suk wasn’t perfect, but she was pretty fucking fabulous … those handstands are slaying me. I sincerely hope she is healthy and happy in whatever she does now.

    Is she the a-lot-underage korean girl ?

    Yup; she absolutely shouldn’t have been competing at the senior level. But there’s no denying that it’s one of the great routines


  3. jennifer-23:

    Maybe skip the first minute but this is AMAZING! That thing she does at 2:50 :O

    (Thank you rain-drops-onroses for sending this to me!)


  4. Kim Gwang Suk, UB, Asian Games 1990

    I know Kim Gwang Suk wasn’t perfect, but she was pretty fucking fabulous … those handstands are slaying me. I sincerely hope she is healthy and happy in whatever she does now.


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    I could perfectly see Brenna doing this

    yeah but with better form

    Ugh i miss prods

    Brenna competed this combination in 2010 and it was absolutely fabulous


    or do like Brenna’s fronts through the years or something.

    Sae Miyagawa (the japanese junior who has a DLO last pass) does it literally perfectly. That said, criticising Prod’s form is only allowed if you mention how much freaking height she gets, how she was a total pioneer and how if she were competing in the post-10 era she would have left all those other bitches in the dust

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  6. Anonymous said: Its Olympic Day! Who are your british predictions for the next olympics?

    Yay! Honestly I’m not sure, because the British teams are getting so deep! BUT … I think All-Around the strongest women are likely to be Tyesha Mattis and/or Amy Tinkler, and that Ellie Downie will have the potential to make vault finals. Building a team around those gymnasts leaves room for girls who are strong on beam and bars, like Becky Downie, Gabby Jupp, Catherine Lyons (yes she’s strong elsewhere too, but I see her being potentially overshadowed on floor), Teal Grindle and Rebecca Tunney. Just for fun I’ll put some lineups together …

    Tyesha Mattis VT, UB, BB, FX
    Amy Tinkler VT, (UB, BB), FX
    Ellie Downie VT, FX
    Becky Downie (VT), UB, BB
    Catherine Lyons UB, BB (FX)

    There are some variables - how Ellie’s beam develops (will we see the Patterson?), whether Catherine can increase difficulty on floor without compromising her execution … injuries of course. But I’d absolutely DIE of happiness if Becky and Ellie both make the team! I think the best medal hopes would be Becky on bars and potentially Ellie on vault (I smell big upgrades in her future) and I could see us having more finalists especially on vault and floor. In the AA I think we could have a top-10 gymnast on our hands :)

    As for the men, I’m not sure. Lots of the big-name juniors will be senior by 2016, but in MAG it tends to take a bit longer for juniors to adapt to senior D-Scores and competition so I wouldn’t be surprised if we don’t see them begin to take over till after the Olympics and have a 2016 team with a lot of the same faces as 2012. I’d like to see Kristian upgrade his second vault, and Max continue to make progress on rings etc. so he can be a real AA threat. Of course we’ll blitz pommel finals, and for my own heart I’d LOVE Dan P to medal on floor.


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    Herman Wirth and Wilhelm Petersen were also Frisians. Always closely linked to his Frisian homeland, he painted in the spirit of his Nordic ancestors and the Low German landscapes.  

    Wilhelm Petersen "Elke"

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    Well this is adorable

    Not so much when you’re British and ‘mince’ means … ground meat.


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    i love messing around with the focus and exposure



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    "got into a bit of trouble for attending a nightclub in the middle of the national training camp"



    Could you imagine if a US gymnast pulled this shit? Marta’s head…

    I’m more confused as to why this Chinese gymnast is wearing the 2004 Romanian win-a-thon leo?